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Saturday, April 16, 2016

American Girl Coupons April 2016: Promo Codes & Discount Codes

American Girl Coupon Codes

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About American Girl

American Girl line of dolls is an American release in 1986 by the Company 18-inch Pleasant (46 cm). The dolls described eight- to ten-year-old girl a variety of ethnicities. They are sold bundled with books from the perspective of the girl. Initially the story focuses on the different phases of American history, but was expanded in 1995 to include the characters and stories from contemporary life. A wide range of apparel and related accessories are also available.
Pleasant Company was founded in 1986 by Pleasant Rowland, and its products were initially could buy by mail order only. In 1998, the company became a subsidiary of Mattel Pleasant. The company has been awarded the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio eight times.
Dolls and accessories
The historical character of the line 18-inch doll original company's main focus Pleasant. This product line aims to teach all aspects of American history through a series of six books from the perspective of a girl who lived in that period. Although the book is written for an eight targeted communities, they try to cover important topics such as child labor, child abuse, poverty, racism, slavery , animal abuse and war in appropriate manners for understanding and feel of their young audiences.
In 1995 the company released a line Pleasant modern dolls called American Girl of Today. In 2006 the product line was renamed Just Like You; it was changed again in 2010, my American girls, and in 2015 to Truly Me.This line included over sixty different dolls over the years. Each doll has a different combination of mold face, skin color, eye color, and hair color, length, texture, and / or style. American Girl says that this variety allows customers to choose the doll that "represents the individual and the diversity of the American girl of today." A range of modern clothing, accessories, and furniture are also available, and there are regular version and retirement time to update this line. Each year, a girl of the dolls Five were released, people have special talents of their own. For example, Mia St. Clair, Girl of 2008, has an ice rink, and Marisol Luna, Girl of the Year 2005, is a dancer.
Bitty Baby doll is a little line targeted at children ages three and older. They are half the price of a full-size American Girl dolls. Bitty Twins line launched in 2003 to represent the slightly older children and / or preschoolers. The Bitty Twins have the same dimensions as Bitty Baby dolls.
A reboot of the character of history was named BeForever was launched in August 2014, complete with costumes redesigned, a compilation of two previous books were released, and a "Journey Book" for each character, with players participating role of a girls day gift mentioned people find their way to the past and to meet with a girl in the history. This line also coincides with the relaunch of Samantha Parkington, with previous collections have been discontinued in 2008

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