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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Carson's Printable Coupons April 2016

About Carson's

Carson (Carson Pirie Scott and former company) is a chain of department stores have been in business for over 150 years. Their price point products are targeted to the average shopper to advanced. Most of the stores are located in the Chicago metropolitan area, with more than 40 stores under the name. Stores also are active in parts of Northwest Indiana include Indiana, Indianapolis, and Fort Wayne, along with Michigan.
Carson Pirie Scott's name is strongly associated with the history of Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Building by Louis Sullivan designed, built in 1899 for the company Schlesinger & Mayer retail, and expand and sell Carson Pirie Scott in 1904. The building, located on State Street in Chicago's Loop, located flagship store of the chain in more than a century before closing for good on February 21, 2007.
The chain began in 1854 when Samuel Carson opened a dry store in Amboy, Illinois, after he left Ireland. 1871 Great Chicago Fire had destroyed 60% of the store. In 1961, Carson Pirie Scott & Co. significant expansion in Illinois by purchasing 20 units Block & Kuhl chain based in Peoria, Illinois.
In 1980, to diversify its business, Carson Pirie Scott & Co. borrow $ 108 million purchase Dobbs House, Inc., an airline caterer and owner of the gait and Steak 'n Egg Kitchen restaurant chain. They are sold in 1988, as the clothing chain stores County Seat.
In 1989, Carson Pirie Scott & Co. was acquired by PA Bergner & Co. (established in Peoria, Illinois), who works Myers Brothers and Boston shop Bergner's chains, Charles V. Weise ,.
In 1991, P.A. Bergner & Co. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy; While emerging from bankruptcy in 1993, it became a publicly traded NASDAQ company, changed its name to Carson Pirie Scott activities & Co. A year later, the company began trading on the NYSE under the symbol CRP.
By 1998, Carson Pirie Scott & Co. property held by Proffitt's, Inc., (later renamed Saks Incorporated to reflect the acquisition of Saks Fifth Avenue). The Carson Pirie Scott, Bergner, and Boston Store chain, along with signs Younkers and Herberger, ultimately acting as the Department Store Group North Saks' (NDSG), headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In late 2005, however, the team was put up for sale as Saks Incorporated tried to refocus on core key store its Saks Fifth Avenue.
Carson and its related stores have become part of the Bon-Ton Stores Inc. in a $ 1100000000 agreement completed on March 6, 2006. Sales and marketing base of the group is still in Milwaukee.
August 25, 2006, CEO of Bon-Ton has announced that Carson Pirie Scott landmark store in downtown Chicago will be closed after the holiday 2006 season. Carson's shop closed February 21, 2007. There is now a Target store on the lower floors of the building.
Bon-Ton conversion Elder-Beerman stores in Indiana and Michigan to newly shortened name Carson in 2011 and 2012. The chain expanded into Metro Detroit in 2013 with the conversion of three stores in Paris
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