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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Chase Coupon Codes April 2016

About Chase

JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, doing business as Chase, a national bank that constitutes the subsidiaries of consumer and commercial banking conglomerate multinational bank JPMorgan Chase. The bank was known as Chase Manhattan Bank until it combines with JP Morgan & Co. Chase Manhattan Bank in 2000, was formed by the merger of the National Bank and Chase Manhattan Bank Company in 1955. The Bank is headquartered in Chicago, since the merger with Bank One Corporation in 2004. In 2008, the bank bought the deposits and most assets of Washington Mutual.
Chase offers more than 5,100 branches and 16,100 ATMs nationally. JPMorgan Chase has 260 965 employees (as of 2012) and operating in more than 85 countries. JPMorgan Chase is now worth about US $ 2.6 trillion.
JPMorgan Chase, the company through its Chase, is one of the Big Four Banks of the United States.
From September 1, 1799, until 1955, it was called the Bank of the Manhattan Company (New York); after the merger in 1955 with Chase National Bank (individual existed from 1877 to 1954) it is known as The Chase Manhattan Bank.
Regional headquarters southwest of Chase in Phoenix, Arizona.
Chase traces its history back to the founding of the Company The Manhattan by Aaron Burr on September 1, 1799, in a house at 40 Wall Street:
After the yellow fever epidemic of 1798, in which the coffin was sold by mobile vendors on street corners, Aaron Burr establishment of Manhattan, with the aim of bringing the outside clean water to the city from Bronx River but in fact designed as a front to create the second bank in New York, compared with Alexander Hamilton's Bank of New York.
In 2013 and 2014, the Chase and other banks also received attention from the media in practice cancel personal accounts and business of hundreds of sex workers law, cited in some case "morality clause" of their account agreement. Then it was discovered that this practice include the mortgage account and business process loans.Chase cancel mortgage refinance for an individual, but the bank has begun, whose company film production as the soft core broadcast on Cinemax. This led to a lawsuit in which the transactions cited evasive and misleading statements of some Chase executives including Vice Chairman Adam Gelcich Securities, Legal Affairs Lending Fair Vice President Deb Vincent, and an unnamed executive director and assistant advisers.
- The Economist
More than two centuries after Burr and Hamilton's duel with that now-infamous statement of Hamilton's life, it can be said that the Bank of Manhattan last company won the "business" side of life this race. In 2006, today Chase acquired the retail banking division of Bank of New York, then a few months later merged with Pittsburgh-based Mellon Financial BNY Mellon shape today.
Chase National Bank
Chase National Bank was founded in 1877 by John Thompson. It is named after former United States Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase and Chief Justice, although Chase did not have a connection with the bank.
Chase National Bank acquired a number of smaller banks in 1920, through the Company's Chase Securities. In 1926, for example, it acquired Mechanics and Metals National Bank.
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However, the acquisition of its largest Trust Company of New York fair in 1930, the largest shareholder of which is John D. Rockefeller, Chase Jr.This do large banks in the US and in fact, worldwide.
Chase is primarily a wholesale bank, dealing with other organizations and financial highlights of the company's major customers, such as General Electric, which has, through its subsidiary RCA, rental space and become a prominent tenant is very important first of Rockefeller Center, at major projects in 1930. Banks also closely related and funded oil industry, have long-term connections with the board of directors for the company's legacy Standard Oil, especially ExxonMobil, which is also holding Rockefeller.
In 1955, the National Company Chase Manhattan Bank and merged to create The Chase Manhattan Bank. As Chase is a much larger bank, it was first intended that Chase acquired "Bank of Manhattan," as it was nicknamed, but it transpired that the original charter for the company Burr Manhattan has not only include the provision allowing it to start a bank with surplus funds, but others require the consent of the shareholders to the bank are made on. Therefore, the deal was structured as an acquisition of the Company Bank of Chase Manhattan National, John J. McCloy to become president of the merged. This avoids the need for unanimous consent of the shareholders.
For new logo Chase Manhattan Bank, Chermayeff & Geismar to design a stylized octagon in 1961, but also a part of the bank icons today. Chase logo is a stylized representation of the raw water pipeline laid by the Company Manhattan, made by wooden planks nailed together.
According to McCloy successor, George Champion, the bank shares in 1799 gave up its state charter for a modern city. In 1969 under the leadership of David Rockefeller, the bank became part of a bank holding company, Chase Manhattan Corporation.
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